Photo credit: David Chew / SportSG



The Singapore Sports Council (rebranded as "Sport Singapore" or "SportSG" with effect from 1 April 2014) appointed the National Anti-Doping Advisory Board (NADAB) to advise the SportSG and Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) on all anti-doping matters.

The NADAB is represented by members with expertise in the following areas:

(i) Legal and justice
(ii) Medical and scientific
(iii) Sport policies and organization of sports systems
(iv) Education
(v) Athlete's reality and perspective

In carrying out its responsibilities, the NADAB shall:

(a) Advise on national and international policies and requirements in relation to the anti-doping plans and strategies;
(b) Advise on the National Testing Programme and its related policies;
(c) Review and advise on the anti-doping Education Programme;
(d) Review and advise on anti-doping Research requirements;
(e) Advise on budgetary and resource requirements with regard to the development and implementation of the Anti-Doping Programme; and
(f) Facilitate possible collaboration with relevant organisations and government agencies on anti-doping intiatives.

The term of appointment of the NADAB is for 2 years, commencing 4 July 2016 till 3 July 2018. The NADAB members are:


Chairperson: Dr Patrick Goh Specialist Sports Physician, 
    Sports Medicine International
 Members: Dr Teh Kong Chuan Senior Consultant (Sports Medicine)
    Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
  Mr Abdul Salim Ahmed Ibrahim Director,
    United Legal Alliance LLC
  Mr Gobinathan Nair Director General
    Southeast Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organisation
  Dr Leonard Koh Consultant Endocrinologist,
    Leonard Koh Diabetes, Thyroid & Hormone Practice
  Mr Tan Wearn Haw Former National Sailor and Olympian, and
    Director, National Youth Sports Institute and
    Director (Athlete Pathways), Singapore Sports Institute
  Mr Oon Jin Gee
Former National Swimmer and Olympian
  Mr Tan Wei Ming
Senior Director (Sports),
    Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
  Mr Chris Chan
Secretary General,
    Singapore National Olympic Council
  Ms Lim Wan Peng
Senior Pharmacist,
    Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore
  Mr Ong Kim Soon
Director (Physical, Sports & Outdoor Education),
    Ministry of Education
  Assoc Prof Chan Cheng Leng
Group Director, Health Products Regulation Group,
    Health Sciences Authority
  Mr Cheo Chai Hong
Honorary Secretary,
    Singapore Rugby Union
  Mr Denis Tang
Deputy Commissioner (Operations)
    Immigration & Checkpoints Authority